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Minnesota Legal Forms on the Web

  • LawMoose, Home of the Minnesota Legal Web provides links to some legal forms on its home page. If you are seriously looking for legal forms, LawMoose provides two additional helpful features. First, you can search for references to "legal forms" through the LawMoose search engine, and find all references to the phrase legal forms on hundreds of Minnesota legal web sites (including those listed below).

    Some libraries have published bibliographies of legal forms books and collections, and you can locate these with this search.

    I you know the name or the subject of a particular form, put that into the search engine. More than a thousand legal and tax forms can be located that way.

    Warning. You might still get frustrated, because most forms are not available on the Web and there is, as of yet, no convenient centralized directory of the Minnesota legal and court forms that are available. (But we're working on it!)

  • Resources and Counseling for the Arts and Abdo & Abdo, P.A. publish Business Contracts and Agreements for artists. Forms include a Performing Artist Booking Agreement, General Business Contract, Mechanical License for Music, Mechanical Reproduction Request, Photographic Release Agreement, and Studio and Session Musician Agreement. Forms are in .pdf format requiring Acrobat Reader.

  • The May 15, 1999 edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune Homes section carried a cover story about residential real estate purchase agreements. The article compared the Minnesota Association of Realtors form purchase agreement to a bar-drafted "Minnesota Standard Residential Purchase Agreement" described as "more consumer-oriented" but not "widely circulated."

    The Minnesota State Bar Association Real Property Law Section page links to this agreement but notes that it has not been updated since 1996. The bar also publishes this educational page:

    The Role of the Attorney in Residential Real Estate Transactions: Answers to the Questions Most Often Asked by the Public

  • The Minnesota State Bar Association publishes a variety of legal forms and a "special warning to non-lawyers" about the forms.

  • The Minnesota Secretary of State Business Services Division publishes forms for Minnesota business and non-profit corporations, cooperatives, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, partnership statements as well as forms for non-Minnesota limited liability companies, business and non-profit corporations and cooperatives, limited liability partnerships, and limited partnerships.

    If you are looking for a form to reserve a business name, apply for an assumed name certificate, or amend or renew an assumed name, this is the place to go.

  • The Minnesota Department of Revenue publishes Minnesota tax forms for the Year 2000 for corporate franchise tax, corporate franchise tax for nonprofits, estate and trust tax, individual income tax, insurance franchise and premium tax, lawful gambling tax, mining taxes, MinnesotaCare taxes, partnership and S-corporation taxes, petroleum taxes, property tax refund, sales tax, withholding tax as well as other forms.

  • The Minnesota Attorney General's Office publishes forms for charitable organizations.

  • Faegre & Benson publishes a One Member Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement (by J. William Callison of the firm's Denver office)(in Microsoft Word 6.0/95 format, 13 printed pages, 65k).

  • The Beaulier Law Office publishes Family Law and Business forms for use in filing cases in court and in the creation of legal documents (in Microsoft Word format, 14-36 k).

  • William Mitchell Warren E. Burger Library publishes a bibliography, Forms and Formbooks. It includes general and Minnesota legal forms, both for general and litigation use.

  • The Internet Legal Resource Guide's Legal Forms Archive, FindLaw's Tech-Deals forms, and FindLaw's Small Business Center forms are other sources of legal forms.

    As with any form repository, these forms may or may not be current, suitable for use in a particular state or appropriate for a particular transaction or purpose.

  • The Small Business Administration publishes numerous business and lender forms at SBA Library Online Reading Room - Forms.



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