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Please Keep the Following Terms and Conditions in Mind During Your Visit to Priweb.com:

General Terms and Conditions of Your Visit
Internet Law Library at Pritchard Law Webs
Bookmarks, Personal Links to This Site
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Please Observe These Boundaries In Linking to or Using Our Content
Jurisdiction; Forum; Applicable Law
Use of This Site Is Acceptance of these Terms

General Terms and Conditions of Your Visit

When you visit this site, you are responsible to evaluate the content and whether and how you use it.

Pritchard Law Webs provides this site and its contents on an "as is" basis and makes no representations or warranties concerning site function or content, including but not limited to any warranty of accuracy, completeness, or currency. (We don't particularly like writing these sorts of things but we are venturing into new areas without clear rules. So we want to clarify some points.)

Pages on this site may refer to the date of their re-generation through PLW/Sitebuilder, our custom web publication system. We regenerate pages for a variety of reasons. We may re-generate the whole site or a significant portion of the site at one time. You cannot rely on our re-generation date to determine currency of information.

Pritchard Law Webs reserves the right to remove or rename content and pages from this site without notice and without restriction.

E-mail links and forms are offered only as a convenience for those interested in sending unencrypted communications over the public Internet.

Please do not send e-mails summarizing personal or business legal problems because we cannot provide individualized assistance, research, or advice.

Nothing we publish is intended to be a substitute for an attorney's advice or the results that might be obtained by a skilled legal researcher or reference librarian.

Please do not ask us to undertake custom research, provide you with legal services, legal reference assistance, or referrals to other sites, organizations, or to individuals. We do not receive any funding from any source that would enable us to provide such services. Local bar associations, law libraries, government agencies, non-profit, and special interest organizations may be of further assistance.

If you cannot find information you seek at this site, you may wish to use other web-based search engines and directories to find other sites that contain more information.

This site contains links to other sites, individual pages, and/or files that others have published or posted on the Internet. Pritchard Law Webs has no responsibility for, or control over, such sites or the information on them.

If you find any errors, receive any error messages, or encounter any inoperable functions or links anywhere on this site, your courtesy in advising us would be greatly appreciated.

Information provided to Pritchard Law Webs through this site becomes our property when submitted. Any other arrangement requires our prior agreement in writing.

This site may contain links to information posted on http://www.prilaw.com, a site published and maintained by the Law Office of LaVern A. Pritchard. Pritchard Law Webs is not engaged in the practice of law. The Law Office of LaVern A. Pritchard is not engaged in the business of web development and consulting.

If any item is described as for sale or available for download, it is so listed with disclaimer of all warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose.

This site may serve as an entry portal for private content intended only for particular authorized persons. If you do not have prior specific authorization from us to enter such an area, entry, as well as attempted entry, is specifically prohibited. Violation of this provision constitutes your irrevocable agreement to be liable for all consequences and damages resulting from unauthorized entry or attempted entry as well as the reasonable value of attorney services or fees to enforce this provision.

We maintain or receive site traffic and activity reports to help us improve the site. You are free to use privacy enhancing technologies should you wish to prevent your browser from reporting the temporary or permanent I.P. address of your browser.

Internet Law Library at Pritchard Law Webs

The Internet Law Library portion of this site derives from files originally published by the U.S. House of Representatives at http://law.house.gov from 1994 through May 28, 1999. In February, 1999, the U.S. House of Representatives announced it would no longer host the Internet Law Library and sought successor publishers. Thereafter, Pritchard Law Webs requested and received the entire contents of the Internet Law Library from the U.S. House of Representatives Law Revision Counsel, first posting them on Priweb.com on April 26, 1999.

This site has no affiliation with the U.S. House of Representatives. Pritchard Law Webs reserves the right to add and remove links or otherwise update or modify the contents of pages that originally comprised the Internet Law Library. Pritchard Law Webs makes no claim of copyright to original U.S. government works but does claim copyright for its own contributions to and alterations of the Internet Law Library as it continues to be published at Pritchard Law Webs.

As published by Pritchard Law Webs, this site cannot be relied on as an official government work and should not be used to determine official policy or the official status of any matter.

We now publish the Internet Law Library out of our own database, using dynamic web application generation techniques. We reserve the right to change both the substance and presentation of the Internet Law Library at Pritchard Law Webs in any fashion. Our filenames do, however, currently correspond with the naming convention originally adopted by the U.S. House of Represenatatives.

Other Terms and Conditions on this page also apply to the Internet Law Library. These terms and conditions control over any terms and conditions originally published by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Certain other sites on the Internet also publish information originally coming from the U.S. House of Represenatives Internet Law Library. Pritchard Law Webs has no affiliation with such sites and disclaims any responsibility to co-ordinate its Internet Law Library with theirs. Nonetheless, if we believe that it may be beneficial, we may initiate, assist in, or receive the benefit of collaborative efforts with respect to the Internet Law Library.

Bookmarks, Personal Links To This Site

We wouuld be very pleased if we have provided a site or some specific information you would like to mark for future reference. We encourage you to bookmark this site! The same encouragement applies to any other methods you personally and individually use to keep track of favorite or useful places on the Internet. There are many different ways to do it. The point here, though, is that this is personal and not organizational activity. (We generally encourage links from other web sites and from intranets as well, and have some more specific provisions for such linkages in the next two sections.)

Adding Links From Your Web Site

If you operate your own publicly accessible web site, permission is granted for you to link either to the home page of this site, http://www.priweb.com/ or to any other interior page of this site that any visitor to this site can properly find by following links we have built to take visitors through the public portions of our site.

For example, if you wish to link to the Internet Law Library or to our Minnesota Directory of Law Firms on the Web, feel free to link directly to http://www.priweb.com/internetlawlib/ or to http://www.priweb.com/mnlawfirms.htm.

Adding Links From Your Intranet

If you have an intranet or other private computer network capable of linking to publicly accessible Internet content, you may link to this site in the same way as if you were operating a publicly accessible site.

Please Observe These Boundaries In Linking to or Using Our Content

You may print pages and articles posted here for your own personal, non-commercial or educational use by printing so long as the materials are not altered in any way and copies include our copyright notice.

You may not sell or distribute information from this site to third parties (except by linking as described on this page or in accordance with the fair use doctrine of U.S. copyright law).

You may not substantially copy the research, identification, description or function of any page or series of pages on this site for posting on your own or any third party's web site for any reason whatsover.

We worked hard to produce this site. If you publish a site and like what you see here, link to it; don't publish it as your own work or publish the essence of our original efforts.

If you provide one or more links to this site, we hope, expect, and request that you will take reasonable measures to make sure that visitors or your employees realize that when they follow your link they are leaving your site and coming here. Any form or technique of linking or framing that is misleading, confusing, unfair, or conceals the original source and copyright holder of this content is prohibited. You may not use the Pritchard Law Webs logo or any other trademark or service mark of Pritchard Law Webs without express permission.

If you do wish to quote from or link to any materials on this site, we would appreciate knowing about it. We will be be happy to confirm our permission in reply. Just send a brief e-mail or letter to Pritchard Law Webs.

We specifically do not authorize the automated harvesting of information, including but not limited to E-mail addresses, by third parties for any purpose!

Jurisdiction; Forum; Applicable Law

The federal district court for the District of Minnesota will be the sole forum for resolving any issues relating to, or arising from this site, its use, or this agreement. If the federal district court for the District of Minnesota lacks jurisdiction, the exclusive forum will be the Hennepin County District Court, Minneapolis, Minnesota. U.S. federal and Minnesota law will exclusively apply to your visit and to this agreement.

Use of This Site Is Acceptance of these Terms

Use of any portion of this site, its contents, or creating any link to it constitutes your acceptance of the above terms. Do not use this site if you do not wish to be bound by these terms.

These terms are incorporated by hyperlink into each page of this site.

If you have any question concerning these terms and conditions, please clarify them to your satisfaction before proceeding further.

Revision Date

This page was last revised on September 14, 1999.

Note: These site terms and conditions are the copyrighted work product of the Law Office of LaVern A. Pritchard. They have been used by Pritchard Law Webs with permission.


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