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Speaker's Notes


  • Call us at 612-332-0102 to schedule a presentation or customized training for your organization or law firm.

  • March 27, 2003: Hennepin County Bar Association CLE, 600 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 3 hrs. of CLE credit will be sought.
    Tentative title: Finding Your Way Around the Minnesota Legal Web
    This session will focus on using the Internet effectively for Minnesota law practice.
    Co-presenters: Barbara Golden, Acting Minnesota State Law Librarian, and Bill Jack, William Mitchell College of Law.
  • February 28, 2003: Hennepin County Bar Association Corporate Counsel Committee, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    LawMoose Search Engine/Web Portal: The Comprehensive Minnesota-Wisconsin Gateway to Law, Legal Information, Lawyers, and Service Providers on the Web
    The LawMoose web portal provides comprehensive access to the Minnesota and Wisconsin legal communities. This session, presented by LawMoose creator LaVern Pritchard of Pritchard Law Webs, will turn you into a power user in minutes.


  • September 25, 2002: Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference, Touchstone EnergyPlace at RiverCentre, St. Paul, Minnesota.
    Finding Your Way Around the Minnesota Legal Web. Co-sponsored by the Minnesota Library Association Public Libraries Division, Reference & Adult Services Section and the Minnesota Association of Law Librarians.
    From the conference program:
    "Minnesota legal resources are easier to find than ever. This session will show ou how to quickly find and effectively use the best of the free legal resources published for Minnesotans by government, non-profit, and private web publishers. Come see a rapidly evolving web ecosystem that is winning national acclaim!
    Co-presenter: Barbara Golden, Minnesota State Law Library.

  • August 21, 2002: Special Joint Presentation and Launch Event, co-sponsored by the Minnesota State Law Library, Pritchard Law Webs, and the Minnesota State Bar Association Practice Management and Marketing Section. Held at MSBA Continuing Legal Education Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Approved for 1 hour general CLE credit.
    Now You Can Find Those Articles Without Rummaging Through Your Piles of Files: How to Use the Minnesota Legal Periodical Index and LawMoose in Your Practice
    From the announcement:
    "Come see the unveiling of the newest developments in the web-based servcies that are putting Minnesota at the forefront of the legal web revolution and hear from the people who are creating them."
    Co-presenters: Marvin Anderson, Minnesota State Law Librarian (introduction) and Barbara Golden, Minnesota State Law Library Electronic Services Librarian (how to use the Minnesota Legal Periodical Index on LawMoose).
  • April 16, 2002: Dorsey & Whitney LLP Lunchtime CLE, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Introducing LawMoose! (mind map-powered presentation and live demonstration)
    • LawMoose is the gateway to the Minnesota Legal Web.
    • What's Different about LawMoose?
    • LawMoose: Past, Present, Future
    • LawMoose Features and Resources
    • What Federal Resources are Available through LawMoose?
    • LawMoose search tips.
    • Demonstration: Uinsg LawMoose in Your Practice
  • March 14-16, 2002: American Bar Association TechShow 2002 presented by the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section in co-operation with a long list of program partners:
    Deploying Extranets for Competitive Advantage (mind map-powered presentation) (co-presenter: Sally Gonzalez, Hildebrandt)

    Extranets provide clients, co-counsel, and traveling attorneys secure, easy, and reliable access to the firm's privileged information and resources. Your extranet offerings can simply be viewed as a collaboration tool or as something much more. Can your extranets improve your relationships with existing clients or lure new clients? Should your billing strategies change to include subscription revenue? Our panelists will discuss the pros and cons of leveraging your extranet offerings as part of a broader competitive strategy.

    The Knowledge Center: Your Roadmap to a New Business Model (mind map-powered presentation) (co-presenter: Sally Gonzalez, Hildebrandt)

    Are you locked into the billable hour? A knowledge management program offers the potential to make your firm more efficient and to deliver higher quality legal service. But can it do more? Our panelists will discuss various knowledge management strategies to help you appreciate how a firm could leverage knowledge management to increase business opportunities and, perhaps, decrease reliance on the billable hour.

  • September 11-12, 2001: Minnesota Law and Technology Show 2001, presented by: the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section, Hennepin County Bar Association, Minneapolis Legal Secretaries Association, Minnesota Association for Court Administration, Minnesota Association of Law Libraries, Minnesota Association of Litigation Support Managers, Minnesota Paralegal Association, Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association, Legal Marketing Association, and Twin Cities Legal Employees Educational Assocation, at the Minneapolis Convention Center
    Sept. 11: Communication, Collaboration and RTI: Maximum Return on Technology Investment!
    From the show brochure: INFORMATION+TECHNOLOGY=MARKETING SUCCESS. The effectiveness of your marketing program will increase dramatically if you are able to capture and organize firm contacts, experience and capabilities, and learn from your firm's Web site. Technology is a key to creating successful marketing strategies and activities. Theis session will explore: (1) What information you should be collecting and managing for marketing purposes; (2) How to harness the data already existing in your time and billing records and other databases; (3) How to organize and manage your marketing information; (4) How to mine your Web site traffic reports for valuable insights; and (5) How to present firm capabilities in a compelling way to clients and prospects.
    Sept. 11: CYA: Covering Your Firm's (Techno) Assets: Data Backup, Viruses, Security and Disaster Planning
    With co-panelists: Kelly Hansen, Ross Kodner and Don Nichols

    From the show brochure: Corporations today face a myriad of threats to their computer networks and mission critical information. To better manage the overall risk, managers need to have a solid understanding as to the potential vulnerabilities and threats to their system. A good working knowledge of the risk picture allows managers to implement the appropriate policies, procedures and products and thereby mitigate the overall risk. In today's highly complex and interrelated enterprise networks, the question is not whether a security breach will happen but rather, when. When network intrusions occur the results can be catastrophic. In the case of a external intrusion, the hacker is able to use a company's network as if he was an authorized user. Files can be erased, information edited or downloaded, Web sites vandalized, systems taken off-line. The goal of this presentation will be to outline procedures managers can proactively implement to better protect their systems and mitigate overall risk. Issues of disaster planning and incident response will be highlighted.

    Sept. 12: The "E" Factor: Becoming an Effective E-Lawyer
    From the show brochure: Take your practice to a whole new level. Learn about fundamental technologies that will separate law firms into two camps: the dynamic and the static- literally! Leading edge e-lawyers want and need great dynamic Web-based technology platforms on which to build their Web-powered law practices. As the line between Web services and software blurs, dynamic intranets, Web sites, extranets and leading practive and case management products offer law firms new powers. Technologies such as Web databases, ColdFusion, Active Server Pages and Zope empower mere mortals to post information and cooperate with clients.
    Sept. 12: Ask the Experts: What's Hot & What's Not in Legal Technology?
    With co-panelists: Wells Anderson, Ross Kodner, Sheryn Bruehl and Mark Fellman

    From the show brochure: The hottest legal techno-tools for the small firm- everything from apps like case managers, small firm intra/extranets to Palm-sized gizmos, laptop technology, voice recognition, wireless everything to telephony, new Windows versions, new office suites and everything in between! And not only the technology winners, but also the techno-duds! We will keep the pace fast, exciting and entertaining in theis no-holds-barred session!

  • June 20-22, 2001: 2001 MSBA Convention at the RiverCentre's Touchstone Energy Place, Saint Paul, Minnesota
    June 21: Law Practice Management Committee: "Creating a Profitable Future for Your Practice"
    With co-panelists: Wood Foster, Past President, MSBA and Member, Siegel Brill Greupner Duffy & Foster; Helen Federline, Freelance Probate Paralegal; Wells Anderson, Legal Technologist, law practice software expert; and Niels Schaumann, Moderator and Law Professor, William Mitchell

    From the convention brochure: An open discussion with a panel of experts about coping and thriving as the legal profession confronts the future.

  • May 11, 2001: Wisconsin Legal Marketing Association
    Marketing in 2010: A Look into the Future of Law Firm Marketing
    With co-panelists: Dennis J. Purtell, von Briesen, Purtell & Roper, S.C.; and Donna L.G. Shaft, Independent Consultant.

    From the program brochure: The legal services industry is changing at a pace as never before, and the marketing of legal services is changing at the same pace. Join our panel of speakers to learn more about what legal marketing services will look like in the future and some of the issues law firms will need to consider in order to continue their own successful existence.

  • April 10, 2001: Law, Technology & Society Lecture Series 2001-02, William Mitchell College of Law
    Breaking Through Familiar Boundaries: Teaching and Practicing Law in a Digital Age
    A Panel Discussion led by Prof. Peter W. Martin

    With co-panelists: Harry Haynsworth, President and Dean, William Mitchell College of Law; and Bryn Vaaler, Director of Professional Development, Dorsey & Whitney

    From the program flyer: Entering the 21st century, lawyers and law teachers, law firms and law schools confront strong forces that show little regard for historic boundaries and professional roles. Geographic separation, professional practice limits, and institutional divisions that once seemed utterly defining pose little resistance to digital technology propelled by global economic trends.

  • April 6, 2001: How to Start & Build a Law Firm, sponsored by the MSBA Law Practice Mangaement Committee and WestWorksTM from West Group.
    Panel Topic: Building Your Practice

    With co-panelists: Wells Anderson, Wells Anderson Legal Tech Services; Veronica Casey, Veronica Casey Law Offices, Ltd.; James Patterson, Patterson Thuente Skaar & Christensen, P.A.; and Robert Woodke, Brouse Woodke & Meyer, P.L.L.P.

    Individual Topic: The Web and Beyond

  • March 5-8, 2001: Minnesota State Bar Association Continuing Legal Education's Tech Week at the Minnesota CLE Conference Center, 3rd Floor, City Center, Minneapolis
    March 5: The Role of Technology in Today's Law Practice (Keynote Panel)
    With co-panelists: Judge Edward Touissaint, Jr., Chief Judge, Minnesota Court of Appeals, Saint Paul; Judge John R. Tunheim, U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota and Moderator; Wells H. Anderson, Wells Anderson Legal Tech Services, Minneapolis; Becky R. Thorson, Greene Espel, P.L.L.P., Minneapolis; and Professor Robert E. Oliphant, William Mitchell College of Law (moderator).

    From the program brochure: The growth of technology in legal practice is pehnomenal. Clients are smarter and are demanding more services. Hear from an expert panel about the impact of technology on today's legal practice and what the new millennium holds for future technological advances.

    March 5: Websites - How to Build One So They Will Come
    With co-panelists: Michael J. McGuire, GMAC Residential Funding Corporation; Michael A. Trittipo, Minnesota State Bar Association; and Moderator Todd C. Scott, III, Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company.

    From the program brochure: Everything you want to know about websites. What it takes to create a site, including time and money. Do you need to hire a consultant, and if so, what should you be looking for? What features to consider to encourage traffic to your site and ensure revisits. An expert panel has been assembled to answer your questions.

    March 8: Knowledge Management- Creating Useful Solutions
    With co-panelists: John B. Orenstein, Dain Rauscher, Minneapolis; and Barbara Minor, Faegre & Benson, LLP, Minneapolis.

    From the program brochure: You are being inundated with information, whether by newsletters, periodicals, list serves, or websites. Find out what tools to use to harness and manage this information. Learn how to create a system for your particular corporate environment, and how to motivate people to use it.

  • October 11, 2000: Legal Marketing Association
    Law Firm Web Sites: The Future of Online Marketing Strategies

    With co-panelists: Brian Freeman, Director of Marketing, Faegre & Benson; Ron Ousky, Partner, Gelhar & Ousky; Doug Hoover, Director of Marketing, LawOffice.com; and Molly George, Vice President, Counsel Voice.

    Facilitated by: Terrie S. Wheeler, President, Professional Services Marketing

    From the luncheon announcement: Join us for a lively panel discussion on the latest trends in law firm Web site design, development and functionality. Take a look at dynamic new Web strategies that will distinguish law firms in the future, and receive a wealth of hands-on, practical suggestions from our panel of experts on tips that every law firm should consider as future Web strategies are developed. Our panel includes web site developers and law firm marketing directors who have successfully launched some of the best sites in Minnesota.

  • Released September, 2000 (studio videotaping on December 10, 1999): American Law Institute-American Bar Association (ALI-ABA) Committee on Continuing Professional Education CLE TV ("Video for Lawyers"), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Videotape Series: The Lawyer's Guide to Using the Internet (Studio Videotaping Session)

    Tape 1: Internet Primer for Cautious Lawyers

    With co-panelists: Kate Spelman (moderator), Jerry Lawson, and Lew Gibbons.

    From the ALI-ABA advertisement:
    The legal treasures on the Internet have produced a new super teool for the legal profession. Video 1 of the series introduces the Internet's timesaving services, the law-related information, and networking opportunities that are increasing the productivity of attorneys worldwide. Understanding the basics and terminology is vital to getting online and being informed. Attorneys who plan to stay in business need to know how to use the Internet to advance the quality of their practice.

    Tape 2: Law Firm Web Sites: Building an Effective Presence
    With co-panelists: Kate Spelman (moderator), Lew Gibbons, and Jeff Rovner.

    From the ALI-ABA advertisement:
    The information gold rush of the 21st Century has begun with more and more law firms staking their claims on the World Wide Web. Video 2 provides the tools you need to maximize your Web investment. Attorneys are challenged to construct tasteful, interesting Web pages that download quickly and that offer information that is useful but that doesn't create an attorney-client relationship. Web designers know how to develop Web pages, but many do not know what is required for a law firm. Sit in on this discussion to find out.

    **Tapes and accompanying materials may be purchased individually or in a four-tape set through Pritchard Law Webs or directly from ALI-ABA.
  • September 19 - 20, 2000: Minnesota Law and Technology Show 2000, presented by: the American Bar Association Law Practice Management Section, Hennepin County Bar Association, Minneapolis Legal Secretaries Association, Minnesota Association for Court Administration, Minnesota Association of Law Libraries, Minnesota Association of Litigation Support Managers, Minnesota Paralegal Association, Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association, Legal Marketing Association, and Twin Cities Legal Employees Educational Assocation, at the Minneapolis Convention Center
    Sept. 19: Information Overload: Knowledge Management Systems to the Rescue!
    With co-panelists: Jeffrey Rovner, Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison L.L.P.; Sheryn Bruehl, Bruehl & Chapman, P.C.; and Rick Klau, iManage.

    Seminar handout: Some Principles of Knowledge Management

    From the show brochure: Imagine accessing a single database to search through every document, account, and legal resource available on your firm's computer system. These systems exist today, and they may be right for you. This session will help you understand the language of knolwedge management, the tools available, and whether it would work for your firm.

    Sept. 20: Q & A with the Experts
    With co-panelists: Wells Anderson, Sheryn Bruehl, Bruce Olson, David Hirsch, David Beckman, and Rick Klau. Presentation Notes (Prepared by Wells Anderson.)

    From the show brochure: Is your brain overloaded with new ideas? This session is your opportunity to sort out what you have seen and heard during two information-packed days. Plus, you'll get to ask our experts your toughest questions during this end-of-show wrap-up designed to help you translate the ideas and tips you've heard into strategic action plans.

  • April 20, 2000: Hennepin County Bar Association Real Property Section
    Ethics and Technology
    With: Pat Burns, Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsbility.

  • March 23, 2000: National Practice Institute and Hennepin County Bar Association
    Profit from the Internet: A Lawyer's Guide to Integrating and Maximizing the Web

    "A seminar for forward thinking lawyers."

    6.25 CLE Credits (including .5 Ethics Credits)

    With: Greg Siskind, author of The Lawyers' Guide to Marketing on the Internet; and Daniel A. Tysver, Beck & Tysver.

    From the seminar brochure: Six years ago, Greg Siskind opened a solo practice with no clients and a home page on the Web. Today, Greg has ... millions of dollars in billings each year directly attributable to his Web site, 50% of all new clients currently coming from his Web site ....

    Greg is just one of three equally Internet-savvy speakers you'll hear ....

    Learn how you can use the Internet now to boost efficiency, cut costs, sharpen your lawyering skills, better serve existing clients -- and attract new clients.

    Listen to the real experiences of attorneys and law firms who use the Internet successfully.

  • February 22, 2000: Guest presentation to students enrolled in the course: Computer Applications in Human Services, Metropolitan State University, 700 East Seventh Street, St. Paul, Minnesota.
    Issues at the Intersection of Law and Technology
    Topics covered: Privacy on the Internet, Free Speech, Libel, and Spam; Legal Jurisdiction over Cyberspace Transactions and Events; Copyright, Trademark, and Domain Names; Electronic Discovery; Relationship of Law and Technological Means of Regulating Social Behavior; and The Role of Law in a Technology-Based Society.

  • September 2, 1999: Minnesota Law & Technology Show 1999, Minneapolis Convention Center
    Building Usable Web Sites/Marketing Legal Web Sites
    With co-panelist: Gerry Ford, West Legal Directory

    From the show brochure: Why are some legal web sites more user-friendly and easier to maintain than others? How do you publicize your firm's site? Find out in this fact-filled overview of legal Web site design and marketing from Minnesota's leading legal Web sites.

    Making Sense of What You've Learned/Last Chance for Questions
    With co-panelist: Wells Anderson

    From the show brochure: Sort out what you've seen and heard. Ask your tough questions. Find out what others are thinking and doing in this end-of-show wrap up designed to help you translate ideas into strategic action plans. You set the agenda. Facilitated by LaVern Pritchard and Wells Anderson, two Twin Cities lawyer/technologists who share office space and together have 36 years of experience with legal technology.

  • June 8, 1999: Minnesota State Bar Association Continuing Legal Education at the Minnesota CLE Conference Center, 3rd Floor, City Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Ethics and Technology in Real Estate Practice
    With co-panelist: Patrick Burns and Robert Rosenberg

    Materials distributed to attendees are available on Priweb.com.

  • March 23, 1999: Guest presentation to students enrolled in the course: Computer Applications in Human Services, Metropolitan State University, 700 East Seventh Street, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Emerging Legal Issues and Social Ramifications of the Use of Technology and Computers

  • February 17, 1999: Ramsey County, Minnesota Bar Association Solo/Small Firm Committee, Room 301, William Mitchell College of Law, 875 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Roundtable Discussion: What's Happening in Legal Technology/How the Web is Changing Law Practice
    Co-leader: Wells Anderson

  • October 30, 1998: Minnesota Trial Lawyers Digital Tools for Trial Lawyers Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • September 2, 1998: Minnesota Law & Technology Show '98, Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Homepage Development (and Beyond): Why Law Firms Should Be on the Internet
    Technology Assessment and Strategic Planning for Law Firms

  • June 10, 1998 (with subsequent video replays around the State of Minnesota): Minnesota State Bar Association Continuing Legal Education's Using Technology to Increase Productivity for Small and Medium Size Firms Conference, Minnesota CLE Conference Center, 514 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Law Firm Web Sites, Intranets, and Extranets

  • September 15, 1997: Minnesota State Bar Association Continuing Legal Education's Midwest Tech '97 Legal Technology Conference & Expo
    Open Forum: Intranets and Extanets
    With co-panelist: Cary Griffith
    Open Forum: Internet Resources for Attorneys
    With co-panelist: Wells Anderson



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