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Do We Really Do This?

Some people ask: do we really build web sites and web applications?

That must be because it is unusual for anyone with legal training to also have technological capability. We started down this path nearly ten years ago when we built the first large-scale hypertext litigation knowledge system ever (so far as we know) -- and it worked better than even we expected!

We created our own organization from the ground up, part R&D, part web architecture and consulting. The result is Pritchard Law Webs.

Rest assured we do practice what we preach. We chart our own strategic technological vision and develop our own concepts and implementations.

While English is still our native language, we actually do speak (and write) HTML, SQL, and CFML, assisted by the same technological tools the Fortune 500 companies are using to transform their own organizations.

We take a highly integrated approach to creating and delivering information, services, and working environments through a web interface.

If you are not used to working with a technology company that thinks like lawyers do or you are not used to working with a lawyer with a focus on the legal profession's future and experience with the concepts and technologies with which it will be built, then you've never worked with Pritchard Law Webs.

Web technology is going to change the way the legal profession works. That is why we are in the business of "Web Solutions for Lawyers and Clients."


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