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Make Your Next Intranet a Pritchard Law Webs Production

Where are you on the adoption cycle of web technology?

There is a hierarchy of sophistication, power, and complexity to web technology and to the management of knowledge itself.

Aren't sure if you are really ready for an intranet? You need our Intranet Readiness Assessment service.

While intranets can be a powerful force for changing your organization to prepare for the future, not every firm or corporation has the optimal climate in which to build shared knowledge resources. We're prepared to ask the hard questions and provide our best independent judgment about your individual situation.

If you know you need an intranet, what kind do you want? What do you want to be able to do? What technologies are you considering? Who is going to select and maintain the content? What about security? Do you want personalized knowledge or do you want to provide everyone with the same knowledge?

There are a host of questions that figure into the equation of introducing an intranet into your way of working.

We offer the perspective of a hands-on legal web technologies pioneer. Our own vision continues to evolve, driving our continuous improvement in capabilities. We use our own database-driven intranet environment to manage our knowledge about knowledge management and web technologies.

Is your current intranet limited to static links to legal resources on the World Wide Web? Is it used solely for administrative purposes, as contrasted to practicing law?

Sophisticated law practice intranets and expert support systems are coming! (Actually, they're here.) Web sites have evolved into intranets. Intranets are evolving into web applications offering a very favorable combination of power and ease of use. And -- let's face it -- ease of use IS power. Most traditional programs are underutilized because they are more complex than necessary. Your intranet can be designed around your needs and desires. You can start with modules, but plan for the bigger picture and plan your underlying infrastructure.

The challenge of lawyering as the twenty-first century draws ever nearer is how to turbo-charge the value of your legal services by building an environment that allows you to find and use the knowledge you need, when you need it.

Most law firms have not traditionally defined their role as including research and development of tools and techniques to improve the quality and efficiency of law practice. But that is exactly what is needed (and possible) today. Moreover, it is exactly these tools and techniques that clients want their lawyers to have.

If you are a corporate counsel, consider not only how an intranet can change the way you work but how it can change the way your outside counsel work. Consider too the benefits of providing browsable legal knowledge directly to your internal clients.

For example, is your company concerned about compliance? Your internal web environment can be a key element in an effective, up-to-date compliance program.

In summary, if you need integrated knowledge and you need it now, you need it on your intranet.

Don't wait for your competitors to get the crucial head start or move ahead even further at Web speed while you practice with less effective knowledge tools.

We are at the beginning of an era of unprecedented change and innovation in the way legal services can be delivered.

Make a Web Era alliance with Pritchard Law Webs, and together, we can make your firm a Web Era law firm.


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