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Criteria and Terms for Inclusion in the Pritchard Law Webs Directory of Minnesota Law Firms on the Web

You do not need to have your own domain name to be listed but you do need a web site of your own. No minimum number of pages is required.

You do need to be an admitted lawyer or group of lawyers practicing together as a group with a Minnesota office. Firms headquartered in a state other than Minnesota may be listed. Firms with offices in states sharing a border with Minnesota may be listed if they have an office in a border community outside Minnesota and they have one or more lawyers admitted to practice in Minnesota.

As the Web evolves, so have our criteria. Our current criteria for eligibility for an initial listing include our assessment of the following factors:

  1. Does the site represent a substantial independent planning and publishing effort by the attorney or law firm? Does the site have reference value for potential clients and other visitors -- or is it merely a directory listing or business card?

  2. Does the firm publishing the site support our efforts to bring lawyers and clients together and provide all Minnesotans access to information about law and the legal community by linking its own site to LawMoose, Home of the Minnesota Legal Web at http://www.lawmoose.com? Building links between complementary sites is essential to creation of a web ecosystem.

    Note: If your site does not currently have a link to LawMoose, just let us know a date, within the next thirty days, by which you will post that link and the page on which it will appear. When it is working, drop us an E-mail to confirm.

  3. While we prefer the linking option, we now offer an alternative. If your site is otherwise eligible but you cannot or choose not to link to LawMoose, our charge for publishing your firm name and city listings and associated live links to your site from Priweb.com, beginning May 1, 2002, is as follows:
    If your firm has 1-3 lawyers practicing personal injury law or 10 or fewer lawyers altogether, no more than 3 of which practice personal injury law, $120 per calendar year (a mere $10 per month)

    If your firm has more than 3 lawyers practicing personal injury law or 11 or more lawyers altogether, $240 per calendar year.

    The appropriate payment is due at the time you request a listing if you do not have, and do not or cannot provide a reciprocal link to our LawMoose site. Just send your payment in the mail to us at the address below. We will acknowledge receipt and your cancelled check will serve as your receipt.

  4. Do we already list a site for your firm? If your firm publishes more than one site, additional sites can be listed at the paid listing rate for a first site provided that each additional site has a distinct name, identity, and web address, and that each such additional site links to LawMoose in a logical place.

  5. Would a listing substantially or primarily offer free promotion to another web directory or web site development organization, e.g., the directory prominently features its own name, charges for a periodic listing, the site contains links to other content published by the directory or development organization so as to make it appear that the site serves the directory or development organization's interest as much or more than it does the law firm's interest, the directory or firm charges for promotion and marketing and not merely hosting, etc.?

  6. Does the site feature ads for third parties or behave contrary to typical web visitors' reasonable expectations, such as by "trapping" users or redirecting them to another site?

  7. Is the firm or attorney submitting the proposed listing willing to cooperate with us by confirming and updating information about the firm when requested and otherwise co-operating with us?

  8. If not meeting other criteria, is the attorney or firm from an area of the state or a practice area that is underrepresented in our directory or serving clients who particularly need the comprehensive, convenient access of a web directory to find a lawyer?

A request for listing must be submitted by an authorized representative of a law firm. All persons submitting a listing contractually agree to the certification on our submission form.

Submission under the name of another or submission of any false, incomplete, or misleading information will result in delisting.

Nothing in our acceptance of a listing and nothing in these criteria create any right on the part of a listed firm or obligation on the part of Pritchard Law Webs.

We are free to revise, extend, and apply our editorial criteria in our best judgment from time to time.

Our initial inclusion of a firm does not guarantee a listing for a certain time. Stale sites and sites that fail to meet our criteria as revised or applied from time to time, may be dropped.

Listing does not imply recommendation or approval of any content on your site or of your firm. You may not claim that Pritchard Law Webs recommends your firm or endorses your site or firm merely because we list it. We assume no resonsponsibility for any statements you publish on your site or your activities.

If you wish to incorporate the Pritchard Law Webs, LawMoose, or Internet Law Library logo into a link to this site or to LawMoose, please contact us about your proposed usage. You may not, of course, use our logos without express permission.


While Pritchard Law Webs may in its discretion reprint some or all of the Directory of Minnesota Law Firms on the Web on LawMoose! Home of the Minnesota Legal Web, LawMoose is a subscription listing site with its own terms and conditions.

You are hereby advised that Pritchard Law Webs reserves the right to discontinue complimentary listings on Priweb.com at any time without notice and/or to require a LawMoose subsciption as a condition of listing on Priweb.com.

If we discontinue listings on Priweb.com and you have paid for your listing, any unearned portion of our yearly listing and linking fee will be refunded to you upon request or applied as a credit to your LawMoose account as you may specify.

If you have any questions concerning these criteria or terms, please call us!


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