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Day by day, month by month, your clients are moving to the Web, not just for personal but also for business use -- not just for browsing but also for sales, service, and collaboration. Web technologies are transforming the way they work and build intellectual capital.

To properly represent clients in the Web Era, embrace the Web Era yourself.

You need a Web Era partner -- a partner who understands lawyers, law firms, and clients -- a partner who understands management and web technology -- a partner who can work effectively with your lawyers and your technology staff.

You need an integrated conceptual and architectural approach. You need to re-engineer law practice for the Web Era.

Some law departments and law firms are already well along the path. If you have not started, the time to start is now -- not later. There has never been a technological and cultural revolution so pervasive and so rapid as the one we are in the midst of right now. "Business as usual" is not good enough any more. "Law practice as usual" is not either. We live in an "evolve as quickly as possible" time.

Pritchard Law Webs works with organizations whose leaders know they must rapidly evolve into Web Era organizations and work in Web Era ways to effectively serve Web Era clients.

We provide strategic planning and evaluation, knowledge and change management consulting, World Wide Web site planning, architecture, construction and marketing, case management webs, litigation project webs, professional and business intranets and extranets, and web-based expert support systems.


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