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Please Tell Us Why You Use the Directory of Minnesota Law Firms on the Web -- and How We Can Improve It

Please check as many as apply:  I am a Minnesota lawyer.

 I am employed by a Minnesota law firm or lawyer but I am not a lawyer myself.

 I am a client of one (or more) Minnesota law firm(s).

 I work for an organization that currently is a client of one (or more) Minnesota law firm(s).

 I am currently interested in selecting a Minnesota law firm to work on a legal matter.

 I am a law professor or work at a law school.

 I am a law student.

 I am interested in working for a Minnesota law firm.

 I am only interested in law firms in a certain location.

 I am only interested in law firms in a certain area of practice.


How often do you use the Directory of Minnesota Law Firms on the Web?  This is my first visit.

 Less than once a month.

 One to three times a month.

 Four or more times a month.

How did you find the Directory today?  Bookmark in my browser.

 Search engine or directory.

 Link from another website.

 Link from company or firm intranet page.

 I came to through another page, and followed a link to the Directory.

 I found the Directory in a way not listed above: 

Do you want more information about law firms than the Directory currently provides? Yes.


(The Directory currently lists Minnesota law firms with web sites alphabetically and by city of principal office. Links are provided to the home page of each listed firm's web site. The Directory lists all Minnesota cities where listed firms have offices. The Directory provides a limited law firm site search via HotBot.)

If yes, what other features would you like to see in the Directory?

Check as many as you wish.

(Skip this question if you do not want additional features.)


 Complete law firm address, phone, and fax.

 Names of individual attorneys.

 E-mail links to law firms.

 Map links showing location of law firm offices.

 Areas of practice / types of clients served.

 Information about fees, rates, and costs.

 Narrative about law firm history, philosophy, etc.

 Search engine for centrally searching through law firm web site content.
Are there  features we did not list above that you would like to see added to the Directory? Yes, I'd like the Directory to include:

Please add other comments and suggestions about the Directory and how we can improve it:
Would you like us to expand the Directory to include Minnesota law firms without web sites? Yes, I'm interested in all Minnesota law firms.

No, I'm only interested in Minnesota law firms with web sites.



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